What Types Of Materials Are Best To Use For Protecting Items In A Storage Unit?


If you are getting ready to move and need a place to store a lot of your things for a while, you may want to take the time to pack and load your things in ways that will offer the most protection for your belongings. Here are some tips to help you know what types of packing materials are the best for belongings that are placed in a self storage unit.

Boxes Versus Plastic Totes

One of the first decisions you should make is whether to place your things in boxes or plastic totes. Boxes are cheaper to use than totes; however, plastic totes offer a few benefits over cardboard boxes. Here are some of the benefits you will receive if you choose plastic totes:

  • They are airtight – If you can keep the air off your things and keep your items in sealed containers, your belongings will be better protected. Airtight containers keep pests out, and they help keep humidity away from the things you own.
  • They are stronger – Most plastic totes are stronger than standard cardboard boxes. This is important because you can stack them without worrying that the boxes will cave, and plastic totes will do a better job of protecting your things.
  • You will not need tape or assembly – If you use cardboard boxes, you will need to tape them shut after you pack them, and you may need to assemble them. These steps are not needed with totes.

The downside to totes is that they are costly, especially compared to boxes. The other problem you may find with totes is that after you unpack your storage unit, what will you do with all the totes? Because of this, many people stick with boxes. Boxes may not work as well as totes, but they are typically fine to use as long as you purchase heavy-duty ones.

Types Of Packing Materials You Should Use

There are several common materials used for packing, but there are certain types that are better than others. To begin, you should avoid using newspapers to pack your goods. Newspapers may provide a cushion between your items, but the ink on the paper can easily run, which could leave your items stained.

Bubble wrap is a much better material to use. It will provide more cushion for your items, and it is ideal to use for the most fragile items you own. In addition, it will not bleed, so it will not leave your items with any damage.

Another good material to use is shrink wrap, which comes on a roll and resembles plastic wrap. This will not damage your goods, and it is big enough to use for holding drawers closed in dressers and for wrapping around large pieces of furniture to protect them from scratches.

You could also consider purchasing plastic covers for your mattresses or furniture. These covers are big enough for large items like this, and they will keep the moisture and pests out of your furniture. If you do not want to purchase plastic covers, you should at least place sheets or blankets around your furniture items while they are being transported and stored. These will also help absorb moisture, so it does not penetrate in your items, and the sheets will protect against scratches.

Renting a storage unit is a great way to store goods when you need space, but you should always make sure you properly store your goods so they are protected. To learn more about self storage, contact a storage unit facility in your area to find out the sizes and costs of the units they have available.


4 May 2016

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