How A Self Storage Facility Can Help You With The Holidays


As a homeowner, you probably enjoy having your house look festive for the holiday season, but you might not be super excited about actually putting the holiday lights and other décor up. This could be especially true if you know it will be a huge hassle to get all of the seasonal décor out of the back corner of your basement, attic, or wherever else you shoved it at the end of last year's season.

23 November 2020

How to Make a Storage Unit More Homey


Self storage units are convenient places to store your things, but they can feel a bit stark and industrial. If you want your storage unit to feel more comfortable and home-like, there are a few steps you can follow. Take a look. Put some shelving inside Rather than just stacking everything on the floor, take the time to put some shelving in your storage unit. You can buy some basic plastic or even cheap wood shelves at a store like Ikea and set them up along the walls.

20 August 2020