Four Tips For Safely Storing Your Christmas Decorations In Self Storage


Using a self storage unit to store your Christmas decorations is a great way to keep your decorations safe and organized. This is especially important if you do not have sufficient storage in your home. Here are four tips to consider to ensure that you make the most of your self storage for safely storing your Christmas decorations:

  1. Keep Ornaments in Original Packaging: For ornaments, it's best to store them in their original packaging. This is the best way to prevent them from cracking and breaking. On top of this, it keeps them organized and minimally packed inside of your self storage unit. When you use the ornaments during Christmas, you can take them to your home while they are in their packaging and then simply put the packaging back in storage. 
  2. Wrap Christmas Lights: The best way to store your Christmas lights is to wrap them around cardboard. However, before you store, them, be sure that you replace any bulbs that are out. This way, when you are ready to take them out of storage again, they are immediately ready to be used. This eliminates the frustration of having to replace your lights when you wanted to hang them. 
  3. Buy New Storage Box for Fake Christmas Trees: If you have any fake trees that are used for Christmas decorations in your home, you aren't going to be able to fit them back into their regular packaging. This is because it's difficult to fully push down all the limbs back firmly after they have been fluffed out. For this reason, you want to purchase a storage box that is larger to help fit the fake Christmas tree after you have attempted to flatten it down as much as you can. This is the best way to prevent any of the fake bristles from falling off or the wiring becoming damaged and cracked. 
  4. Hang Linens: All linens that you use for Christmas decorations, including the tree skirt, should be hanged. You can purchase a cheap closet rack to use in your self storage unit so that you can do this. Be sure that you also place all linens in plastic storage bags before hanging to ensure that they do not collect dust or suffer from mold damage if there happens to be excessive moisture build up in your unit.

When you consider these four tips, storing your Christmas decorations can be made easy and be done safely as well so that you can continue using them for years to come. 


1 March 2017

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