Selecting A Lock For Your Self Storage Unit? What You Need To Know About Different Types Of Locks


If the storage facility you are renting a self storage unit from requires you to purchase your own lock for the unit, you have many different types of locks you can select from. You want to make the right decision, as selecting the right type of lock helps to protect your unit. The right lock can deter thieves who may want to break in. Here are a few of the different types of locks and how effective this type of lock is for a self storage unit.

Chain Locks

Chain locks or cable locks are great for locking up your bike but they are not great for locking down your self storage unit. These types of locks are extremely easy to cut with heavy-duty wire cutters and bolt cutters. As such, you should avoid using this type of lock on your unit at all times.

Traditional Padlocks

Traditional padlocks or combination locks are often used by high school students or employees looking to secure their locker. These types of locks typically feature a knob that turns so you can input the combination. Without the combination, the lock will not open. While these offer more protection than chain locks, they are also easily removable with a pair of bolt cutters. As such, while you may be enticed by the low price of this lock type, this type of lock should not be used if you have items of value in your unit.

Closed-Shackle Padlocks

A closed-shackle padlock is a great option for your self storage unit, if the lock will fit. This type of lock typically is square or rectangular and has a small locking mechanism. This helps prevent a thief from cutting off the arm with a pair of bolt cutters because there is not much access. However, it also makes for a tight fit on many locks. The other downside to this type of lock is that it unlocks with a key on the bottom. This type of lock can be picked by an expert thief. If you have high-dollar items, you may want a more secure lock. However, this is a decent option for those storing household goods, if the lock will fit on the door of the self storage unit.

Disc Lock

The last type of lock is the disc lock. This is by far the best type of lock that you can place on a self storage unit. In fact, this type of lock was designed specifically for these types of units. Just like a closed-shackle padlock, the swinging arm locking mechanism is close to the body, ensuring it can't be cut off. And to deter lock picking, the lock is placed on the center of the lock, making it much harder to pick. In order to remove this type of lock, a saw has to be brought in to grind down the lock. This will attract a lot of attention, so this is not something a thief would do. If you want the best possible lock for your unit, this is it.

When selecting a self storage unit, it is important to look for a facility that has security features. However, this is not enough. You need to pick a lock that will also deter thieves and keep your items safe. Learning about the different lock options will help you select the one right for your unit. Click for more info.


14 March 2017

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