Car Lover Craziness: 3 Tips To Make Room For Just One More Restoration Project When Your Garage Is Full


If your auto restoration hobby borders on an obsession, then you may just need a solution for more space to take on one more project. The garage of your home may be full of the last project you took on, but if it is nearing an end, it is time to think about what is next. Here are some tips to help make room for another restoration project when the garage is full to its capacity:

1. A Covered Carport Addition That Extends Your Existing Garage

If there is space in front of your home, you may want to consider extending the garage space with an open carport addition. The addition can be conventionally built with wood framing and blend into your home. This is a good choice if you want something that is inconspicuous, but it will cost much more than some of the other options, such as metal carports and garages. Metal carports can also be ordered and erected within a matter of weeks, whereas, conventional construction for garage additions can take months, and require permits and building inspections throughout the process.

2. Clear Space in The Garage by Building a Backyard Workshop 

While a home addition may be too costly, a small backyard workshop could be the solution to clear tools out of the garage and make space. To avoid the red tape and permits, the shop needs to be a detached structure, which means it does not have a solid foundation. In most areas, the building requirements are more lenient for detached structures, which means fewer permits and less taxes. For a smaller workshop, a woodshed project may be something you want to do. If you want a larger shop, contact a metal carport service to order a metal framed building that is a detached structure and gives you the space you need.

3. An Affordable Additional Garage for Your Home with A Metal Carport

The simplest, quickest and most affordable way to add more covered parking for your cars is to use metal carports. These buildings come in many different shapes and sizes. You metal carport can be an open sided metal building that is just the frame and a roof covering. If you want something that resembles more conventional garage designs, order a metal carport model that is enclosed and includes doors and windows. If you have the space, you can even order a larger metal carport that gives you room for a small shop and several project cars.

When your life is restoring classic automobiles, you will do anything to make room for your next dream project. If the garage is full and your wife is out shopping, contact a metal carport company to add more space to your home for your classic car collection. 


26 August 2017

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