Are You Going To Be Deploying Soon? The Benefits Of Storing Your Belongings In Storage


If you are going to be deploying, you have to decide what you are going to do with your belongings if you are single and live alone. If you own your home, you may be thinking about just leaving them in the home. If you rent a place, you may be thinking about moving your stuff into a friend or family member's garage or basement. However, in both of these situations, storing your items in a storage unit may be the best option. Here are a few of the benefits associated with storing your belongings if you are going to be deploying. 

Storage Fees are Deductible When You Are Deployed 

One of the benefits to renting a self storage unit for your belongings is that the storage fees are tax deductible if you are deployed or stationed overseas. Many people are worried about the costs associated with self storage units. Being able to write the expenses off can be a huge perk. 

Storage Units Help to Secure Your Belongings

Another benefit to renting a self storage unit when you are preparing to deploy is that it helps to secure your belongings. If you leave your belongings in your own home or someone else's, it may be easier for thieves to access your belongings, especially if you do not have a home security system. Additionally, since you are away, no one may even notice items are missing. Storage facilities have many security features in place to help secure your belongings. 

You Aren't Dependent on Family Moving Your Stuff If Something Happens

The last benefit to renting a self storage unit for your belongings before your deploy is that you are not reliant on your family or friends moving your belongings if something unexpected happens. If you own your home and plan on leaving your belongings in there, a pipe may burst or your roof may leak. Your family has to figure out where to move your belongings so that repairs can be made. Likewise, if you store your belongings in a friend's basement and their basement floods or they have to move, they have to figure out what to do with your stuff. When you get a storage unit, your stuff is taken care of the entire time you are away. 

If you are preparing to deploy and are not sure what to do with your stuff, consider placing it into a self storage unit. Self storage units are tax deductible when you are deployed, they help to secure your belongings and they give you peace of mind that no one has to move or deal with your stuff is a situation you didn't plan on happens. Contact self storage facilities like AA All American Airborne Self-Storage to learn what sizes are available and to inquire about pricing. 


27 December 2017

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