Heated Storage To Increase Online Sales Inventory Space


Online sales is a great way to earn some extra income. Unfortunately, many people don't have the room in their homes to store much inventory. When your inventory begins taking over your home or you just don't have the space to keep things organized, you don't have to call it quits. Instead, you can rent a heated storage unit to house all of the things you plan to sell online. Here are a few tips to help you make the transition easier for you.

Choose a Location

The first thing you need to do is find a heated storage unit facility. For your convenience, find one that is close to your home, that is easy to access, and that allows 24-hour access. You want to be able to make short trips to the unit to get the things you have to ship out and drop off the things that you have recently listed.

Choosing a unit that allows 24-hour access will help to alleviate the anxiety of not being able to get things when you need them. You never know what will come up, and if the gates are locked and you can't get in, things could get complicated very quickly.

Get Organized

Before you move everything to the new inventory location, you need to get organized. Go through your online inventory and make sure that everything that everything is listed correctly. There are many glitches on selling platforms that may cause your listings to renew themselves even after you have sold an item. It's a good idea to do a complete inventory check at least once each year—more often if you have issues with not having items that you need to check.

As you organize, do your best to mark packages, bins and boxes so that you can quickly find what you're looking for when you head to your storage unit to gather items to ship. Creating an inventory log and giving each item an inventory number is the best way to ensure everything is where it should be.

Adjust Your Settings

If the storage unit is out of the way a bit and you don't have the time to make the trip each and every day, adjust the handling time that you have set for your items. Instead of shipping each day, ship out a few times each week—like Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This will help you get your items sent out in a timely manner, but your time won't be lost making many trips to the unit each week.

Talk to heated storage unit facilities, like Discount Storage, to learn about rates and accessibility. Soon, you could begin to grow your inventory and offer your customers even more great finds.


2 February 2018

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After I realized that my finances had hit an all-time low, I started looking into my accounts. I realized that one of my biggest bills was my monthly storage unit since I was renting a large unit. To save some money, I decided to talk with a storage unit manager to see what I could do. They were able to give me some great tips, and I was able to transfer to a smaller unit. This blog is all about lowering your storage unit bill so that you can get a handle on your finances. With a little research, you can free up some of your cash flow.