How To Store Makeup And Hair Products In Storage Before Moving


If you are moving and staying in a small temporary space, you will find that a self-storage unit holds all of your non-essential belongings for the time being. When placing items such as boxes of paper, it is easy to stack everything. If you are storing items such as makeup, you will need to be a little bit more careful. If the items that you are storing are perfume, makeup, and hair products, you need to be careful to stack and store them appropriately. Here are three tips on how to store makeup and hair items in self-storage units

Invest in climate control

If you store any sort of hair products and makeup, you must invest in a climate-controlled storage space. Climate control will keep the temperature stable so that you do not have to deal with makeup melting or your hair products overheating. Ask your storage facility what temperature the units are kept and use this knowledge to check the back of your product labels. Toss out any products that will not keep in the temperature of your storage unit. 

Place them inside of plastic containers

Plastic tubs and containers are the best way to keep makeup, perfume, and hair products while in storage. Plastic containers are easy to stack, and they are less likely to bend or puncture. This will keep your makeup safe. For the makeup products, invest in small plastic containers. These can have several drawers so that you can store a lot of your makeup collection all in one place. For hair products, keep the like-products inside of their own storage space. 

Properly wrap all products

Even if you pack things to the best of your ability, there is always the risk that items can begin to spill out of their jars. To combat this issue, tape around the rim of any product with a lid to keep the lid affixed to the product. For makeup and palettes, tape the edge of the opening closed so that it cannot open and cause a spill on the rest of your products. For items such as mascara, you can leave the item alone as long as it is properly closed when you pack it.

For lotions and sprays, tape closed the opening mechanism so that no product can be ejected. After all of the products are secured, wrap them in packing paper or newspaper before placing them inside of their appropriate bin. Pack all items loosely so that every item has breathing room and the temperature in the bin is not compromised. 


21 May 2018

Lowering Your Storage Unit Bill

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