Need Extra Room For Your Photography Business? 3 Reasons To Rely On A Storage Unit


If you run a photography business that mainly does work in public settings, it's likely that you're using your home for the majority of the storage that you're doing. This can make it difficult to keep your home organized and free of clutter, especially when you find yourself busy with photography work. Instead of using your home as a storage solution, you can rely on using a self storage unit instead.

Climate Controlled to Keep Equipment Safe

With how expensive some of your camera equipment and props may be, it's so important for you to make sure that the storage solution you use is a safe choice. Having climate control in the storage unit can help ensure that you're able to keep all the equipment safe without the concern of heat or cold being damaged.

A secure storage unit can ensure that your items are also protected, as well as having the option of getting insurance to protect your items in storage.

Great Location to Store Any Seasonal Props

When you do photography year-round for clients, it's likely that you have a large supply of seasonal props. This can include artificial pumpkins for fall or wrapped presents to pose with during the holidays. Keeping all these items stored at home can end up taking up a lot of room and be frustrating for you to deal with when you want your home to be neat.

Having a storage unit available can allow you to store seasonal items without any issue from your items being damaged or taking up valuable space at home can be so nice to have.

Secure Place to Store Customer Records

As you look into getting a storage unit, you need to also consider how helpful it can be for running your business professionally. Storing customer records and backups of some photos can be useful, but can end up taking up a lot of space at home. Renting a storage unit can allow you to store customer records somewhere safe and to reach whenever needed.

Using a storage unit for managing your photography business can be a great decision since you might not have a traditional studio to keep most of your items safe when they're not being used. By relying on a storage unit and considering the above benefits, you can feel good about getting a storage solution that keeps your business running smoothly and enjoy less clutter in your home as well.


19 September 2018

Lowering Your Storage Unit Bill

After I realized that my finances had hit an all-time low, I started looking into my accounts. I realized that one of my biggest bills was my monthly storage unit since I was renting a large unit. To save some money, I decided to talk with a storage unit manager to see what I could do. They were able to give me some great tips, and I was able to transfer to a smaller unit. This blog is all about lowering your storage unit bill so that you can get a handle on your finances. With a little research, you can free up some of your cash flow.