How to Make a Storage Unit More Homey


Self storage units are convenient places to store your things, but they can feel a bit stark and industrial. If you want your storage unit to feel more comfortable and home-like, there are a few steps you can follow. Take a look.

Put some shelving inside

Rather than just stacking everything on the floor, take the time to put some shelving in your storage unit. You can buy some basic plastic or even cheap wood shelves at a store like Ikea and set them up along the walls. This makes it far easier to keep your boxes organized. Also, when you go to retrieve a box from storage, you will be able to just pull it off a shelf rather than unstacking a bunch of boxes sitting on top of it. This helps keep you from making a mess as you access your things.

Color code all of the boxes and label them clearly

A stark room full of cardboard boxes looks pretty boring. Luckily, it is easy to make your boxes look a little fancier by color coding them. Put a different color label on boxes of each type. For example, you can put blue labels on everything that comes from the living room and red labels on boxes containing bathroom items. As you stack items on shelves, make sure all of the labels are facing the same direction. Also, make sure your labels are clear and specific too, which will help keep you from making a mess.

Put a chair in one corner

Find a comfortable chair, and set it in one corner of the storage unit. Organize things around the chair. You can then pull out and use this chair to sit on when you are sorting through boxes, unwrapping things, and so forth. Sitting in a chair is so much more comfortable than sitting on the floor.

Leave yourself some reassuring notes or signs

Some of the times when you visit a storage unit are sure to be stressful times. You're frustrated because you are looking for something you thought you had at home, or you're right in the middle of a move. You can put some reassuring signs up in the storage unit or even leave yourself reassuring post-it notes on the shelves. Little sayings like "You can do this!" and "Smile!" can be comforting and make your storage unit more welcoming.

Storage units don't have to be stark and boring. Use the tips above to make yours feel more like home.


20 August 2020

Lowering Your Storage Unit Bill

After I realized that my finances had hit an all-time low, I started looking into my accounts. I realized that one of my biggest bills was my monthly storage unit since I was renting a large unit. To save some money, I decided to talk with a storage unit manager to see what I could do. They were able to give me some great tips, and I was able to transfer to a smaller unit. This blog is all about lowering your storage unit bill so that you can get a handle on your finances. With a little research, you can free up some of your cash flow.