How A Self Storage Facility Can Help You With The Holidays


As a homeowner, you probably enjoy having your house look festive for the holiday season, but you might not be super excited about actually putting the holiday lights and other décor up. This could be especially true if you know it will be a huge hassle to get all of the seasonal décor out of the back corner of your basement, attic, or wherever else you shoved it at the end of last year's season. There may be a way forward, though, that could make future holiday seasons much more pleasant when it comes time to put up your festive items. Here's how a self storage facility can help you stay organized this and every holiday season.

Create a Dedicated Spot for all Seasonal Items

If it seems like every February, you are scrambling to find your Valentine's Day stuff, equally frustrated every Fourth of July looking for your summer cookout gear, and then dealing with a massive tangle of Christmas lights every December, you should know there is a better way. Go through your house and remove all seasonal items, starting with whatever holiday is next. Take all of your seasonal décor to a self storage unit. The idea is that by moving décor you only use once a year out of basement or attic, you will be able to give it a dedicated space that will only require a quick trip to your storage unit when the time comes. Label each box as it goes into the unit, and then you'll have no trouble finding anything the following year.

Free Up Space for Parties and Gatherings

If you don't even use your basement anymore because it's so overrun with random stuff that you only touch once per year, a self storage unit will give you back possession of your entire house. Imagine what you could do with your basement if you were to get it finished and add some furniture. Even if you don't finish it, you might still be able to fashion it into a man cave that will let you escape the holiday chaos when the whole family is over and you just need a break.

Preserve Your Precious Décor or Memories

Do you have special décor that has been passed down through generations of your family? Why do you risk damaging it by just shoving it into some dark corner of the basement? A climate controlled self storage unit will provide ideal conditions to ensure that your special décor continues to look great year after year until you ready to pass it down to your own kids. 

For more information on your storage options, contact a local self-storage facility.


23 November 2020

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